German roaches are not a DIY project. German roaches are the only roach that can not survive with out human contact. German roaches are a severe health hazard both physical and mental. German roaches are constantly shedding their skin causing a dandruff that can cause allergies and upper respiratory problems. They can feed on your skin and hair. They can carry many types of diseases including E. coli. A female German roach will carry her egg capsule up to the day it's going to hatch producing between 30- 40 babies. German roaches take three to four months to become an adult. The female is a light tan and torpedo in shape. The male is darker and more round shape sometimes cause people to believe they have two species of roaches. German roaches are nocturnal, thigmotropic, and carnivorous. This means they primarily feed at night, like to be in tight spaces, and the reason they gravitate to tight spaces is in their DNA. The adult roach will feed on their young, so for protection they will squeeze into tight spaces. This behavior leads to the types of treatments that can work for you or against you. Your store bought products are repellants and will push the roaches further into hiding. The German roaches you do kill will be toxic and the other roaches will avoid them. Your Empire Pest Specialist will be able to identify the severity of the infestation and the best treatment method for your home or business. German roaches are difficult to eradicate and require teamwork between your Empire Pest Control Specialist and you as the owner. Again do not try to treat on your own, this roach is difficult for a trained specialists and nearly impossible for a homeowner. Let Empire resolve your German roach infestation.