Empire Pest Control Specialists can identify an infestation and also look for additional satellite colonies.

  • Queen can live up to 25 years and the major and minor workers live up to 7 years
  • mature Carpenter ant colony can also have two to three satellite colonies
  • Each satellite colony has its own sub queen
  • The primary queen puts out a pheromone that keeps them from being able to reproduce
  • if you kill the main colony and queen but don't eliminate the satellite colony's they will become their own individual colony and will start producing their own eggs
  • The life cycle of a Carpenter ant from an egg to an adult can take six to twelve weeks
  • All ants communicate with pheromones and a Carpenter ants pheromone can last up to a year

How to know if you have Carpenter ants? Try checking for...

  • Wood shavings along baseboards and window seals
  • Ant graveyards
  • They feed mostly at dusk and dawn they can be seen forging for food and water at those times
  • Damaged or softened wood

Carpenter ants are considered a specialty ant and are difficult to eradicate. Let Empire Pest Control help with your Carpenter ant infestation.