The Carpenter ants we most often see in Florida is the Southeastern Carpenter ant. The queen can live up to 25 years and the major and minor workers live up to 7 years. A mature Carpenter ant colony can also have two to three satellite colonies. Each satellite colony has its own sub queens. The primary queen puts out a pheromone that keeps them from being able to reproduce. This is important because if you kill the main colony and queen but don't eliminate the satellite colony's they will become their own individual colony and will start producing their own eggs. The life cycle of a Carpenter ant from an egg to an adult can take six to twelve weeks. All ants communicate with pheromones and a Carpenter ants pheromone can last up to a year.

Your Empire Pest Control Specialist can identify an infestation and also look for additional satellite colonies. Some sighs of infestation are wood shavings along baseboards and window seals. Carpenter ant will remove dead ants from the colony and will form an ant graveyard. Also they can beat a path in your lawn. Because they feed mostly at dusk and dawn they can be seen forging for food and water at those times. Even though Florida doesn't consider Carpenter ants a wood destroying insect they can damage wood. They do not eat the wood like a termite but softened the wood with a Formic acid then chisel the wood with their large mandibles causing large smooth galleries. Carpenter ants are considered a specialty ant and is difficult to eradicate. Let Empire Pest Control help with your Carpenter ant infestation.