Big-headed Ants The soldiers of these ants, which are workers that serve strictly a defensive function, have exceptionally large heads in relation to their body size - which is why they are called Big Headed Ants. The minor workers have a skinny body shape and do not have enlarged heads but can be recognized by the shape of their heads, which narrow ends behind the eyes. Big-headed ants are found in warmer and dryer sections of the United States and are quite common in South west Florida, they have remarkably similar habits to fire ants. Nests are found in exposed soil or under cover, pavers, concrete driveways house slabs and in rotting wood. The Big-headed ants rarely nest indoors but will invade homes through cracks in your houses slab and around pipe penetrations. They prefer proteins, grease, and starches. They at first glance look like fire ants but can be distinguished from them by the presence of 12 segments in the antenna, with a tri segmented antennal club. These ants can swarm into your house almost overnight. Call one of our professionals at Empire to keep these invaders from your home.