Acrobat Ants of this genus hold their abdomen over their head and thorax when excited - hence their common name. The workers are monomorphic and range from 1/10 to 1/6 in. in length, depending on the species. They range in color from yellowish-brown, to red and black, to black. They also feature a heart shaped abdomen that is flattened on the upper side and curved below. Acrobat ants are not normally found in households, but will commonly take up refuge in trees, dead and decaying root balls, they will invade a home in search of food, they can be considered occasional invaders. Some species may be found in decayed wood inside homes, so they may be considered structural pests (just like carpenter ants). They are seldom found in sound good lumber. Call the professionals at Empire to eradicate these pests from your family's home.